6 – Cross my heart, hope to die
A desperate President Bush tried to blame some of the failures of his Iraq policy on alleged interference from Iran. But the real question is not if Iran is supplying Iraqi fighters with arms, it is what Mr. Bush would have to do before anyone believed his “intelligence” claims again.

7 – Unfortunate son

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney came back to his native Michigan to announce his presidential bid. Unfortunately, most Michiganders seem to have forgotten him, given that he abandoned the state three decades ago. He is now polling a distant fourth in the state Republican primary.

6 – A little oil goes a long way

North Korea has tentatively agreed to shut down its main nuclear reactor in exchange for 50,000 tons of heavy oil. The energy aid should be enough to keep Kim Jong Il busy cruising the streets of Pyongyang in his new Hummer through the end of winter.

4 – Pelosi’s got him whipped

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives passed a resolution this week rebuking the war policy. The resolution condemned Bush’s plan to escalate the war, but offered no plan to stop it. Nevertheless, Bush conceded it is ultimately Congress that wears the pants in the relationship.

5 – Rolling back a reformation

The Anglican Communion released a doctrine seeking to reunify a Church of England torn apart by the issues of gay marriage and female ordination. But a large contingency of Anglican bishops think it’s too late to save the church and began arguing for reunifying the Protestant sect with the Pope in Rome

2 – Jet blues

The economy airliner known for its low fares and good customer service left a plane full of passengers sitting on the tarmac for over 10 hours. Turns out you don’t qualify for frequent flier miles if your plane never leaves the ground.

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