7 out of 10
Taxing students

What better way to finance higher education than to tax the students it’s supposed to help? Gov. Granholm announced plans to raise liquor and cigarette taxes and levy a 2-percent tax on services. Not only will LSAT courses be more expensive, but so will the champagne afterward. At least student loans are still available.

3 out of 10
Clipping Pelosi’s wings

New Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi had her airborne ambitions curtailed this week when the Pentagon refused to provide her with a private jet. In response to this snub, Democratic Rep. John Murtha kindly reminded the Pentagon bureaucrats that it is the speaker herself who determines their budget.

2 out of 10
It’s official

In an announcement that surprised no one, Barack Obama, the media darling and first-term U.S. Senator from Illinois, declared that he is officially running for President.

2 out of 10
Talk about liability

Investigators still don’t know what killed former Playboy pin-up girl Anna Nicole Smith. Early speculation centered on her diet and the numerous medications she was taking. The first autopsy was inconclusive, but it might not be a bad idea to sell those silicone stocks, just in case.

6 out of 10
Harvard’s Surpise

Harvard is on the rebound. After coming under fire for allegedly sexist questions raised by its former President Larry Summers, the University appointed Drew Faust as its first female president. The decision didn’t shock many. After Summers’ remarks, it’s a wonder they even let men apply.

1 out of 10
Rape isn’t that funny

The student newspaper at Central Connecticut State University published an editorial titled “Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It.” Though meant as a joke, the column sparked intense campus backlash.

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