The trial of a woman who killed her baby began this week. Investigators claim that the baby probably died from being put in a microwave, but the mother cites that she had nothing to do with her child’s death. Too bad she also said that if she hadn’t been so drunk her child wouldn’t have died.

Things drinking can’t excuse

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First, it was Oprah. Now a new big name is endorsing Barack Obama: Kennedy. Ted, Caroline, along with many others of the Kennedy clan have chosen their side in the electoral race. Hillary Clinton couldn’t have taken the news well, as she worked with Ted in the Senate. Funny, it sounds like a bad reality show.

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Business as usual

Most people can tell you who won the Democratic South Carolina primary on Saturday, but could those people also tell you about what is happening in other governments around the world? Italy’s prime minister has resigned; Canada’s minority government is in danger of collapsing, and former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, was banned from running in the Russian elections. So the economy is lousy, governments are failing, and elections are scandalous. Is anything new?

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Cracking down on bicyclists

In Japan, police are cracking down on the habits of bicyclists. Such offenses as using cell phones, listening to headphones or holding an umbrella while biking will land citizens a hefty fine. How many student pedestrians need to be mowed down before Ann Arbor does likewise?

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Watch out HBO

Miss Michigan, Kirsten Haglund, won Miss America this past Saturday. The program, whose ratings have been steadily declining for over a decade, tried to promote a racier show this year in order to attract more viewers. The trick? High-waisted black bikinis in the swimsuit portion. Yes, a racier Miss America, almost as racy as HBO.

Rating: 2 out of 10

Ledger’s last stand

Heath Ledger’s death has caused a stir, especially here on campus. Facebook groups and status updates have mourned the loss of the film icon. The toxicology tests aren’t in yet, but there has been some buzz about the involvement of Mary-Kate Olsen in Ledger’s death. She was called multiple times by the masseuse who found him before authorities were notified. Obviously, priorities were a bit skewed, but maybe we should just make another Facebook group.

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