Mideast Peace talks – 3
Condi Rice announces plans for three-party talks with the Israelis and the Palestinians. Don’t look for this to come up when a group of radical anti-Israel protesters picket the American Movement for Israel’s first mass meeting.

Baracking out – 4
The junior senator from Illinois formed a committee to explore a 2008 presidential bid. Your can bet that the residents of a certain house in Chappequa, N.Y. are a little more nervous today.

Come on baby, Trust me – 6
The University stopped considering race in admissions decisions, but an applicant’s race won’t be hidden from the counselors conducting a “holistic” evaluation.

Keep your head – 5
The hanging of Saddam Hussien looked humane compared with the execution of his half-brother. The mistakes, as the Iraqi government calls them, could have larger implications for sectarian tensions in the region.

Iced out – 2
Lif e got a little more exciting this week when global warming subsided and the resulting ice turned roads into obstacle courses. The storm has reportedly taken out power in 200,000 homes and caused more than 30 deaths.

Superheros do exist – 0
A man in England intervened on behalf of police, using a samurai sword to disable the suspect officers were trying to arrest. There’s a warrant out for the vigilante.

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