One-hundred twenty-five years ago, a group of University students published the first edition of The Michigan Daily — “The U of M Daily,” as they called it then. They likely never envisioned what their upstart campus newspaper would become: Washtenaw County’s only daily print news source, an organization that employs 250 strong and a proven training ground for generations of journalists.

The Daily fills a variety of roles on this campus and in this community. The news section strives to inform the public of local goings-on large and small. The sports section is the only outlet to provide comprehensive coverage of all 27 varsity athletic teams. The opinion section is a voice for this newspaper, for campus and for otherwise-voiceless community members. There is nowhere better than the Daily’s arts section if you’re looking for some perspective on what music to listen to, where to eat and what to wear. And the multimedia sections — photo, video and web — give the community a unique look at the most prevalent people, places and parts of culture that make us who we are.

We might be letting the world know that Jonas Salk has created the first-ever functional polio vaccine. We might be breaking the story that a former Michigan football player has been permanently separated from the University for violating the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy. We might be broadcasting the announcement that the University has cancelled classes due to weather for the first time in 37 years. We might even be tweeting about a lost cat.

But regardless of what we do, none of it would be possible without a faithful campus, a receptive local community and a loyal readership.

From 420 Maynard St. to newsstands around Ann Arbor and cell-phone or computer screens around the world, thank you for helping the Daily reach this milestone. 


The 2015 Editorial Staff of The Michigan Daily

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