The Michigan Daily strives to remain the most trusted and respected source of news and analysis for the University community. In order to best serve this diverse and vibrant community and to continue providing it with high-quality journalism, I have formed a commission of Daily editors and staffers to look critically at the Daily as an institution.

The commission is charged with examining perceptions of the paper among the Daily’s staff and within multicultural communities throughout the University to ensure that the Daily’s work environment is a welcoming place for a diverse staff. I have also asked the commission to review every section’s content to ensure that it is sufficiently comprehensive for a University that has changed a great deal since the Daily first began publication in 1890.

The commission will make recommendations to me and to the other editors after it studies these issues. To ensure the commission’s independence, I will not be a member.

Any questions or concerns regarding the commission or its work can be directed to either myself or Editorial Page Editor Suhael Momin, who is a member of the commission.

The Daily remains committed to serving the University community by practicing the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

Jason Z. Pesick

Editor in Chief

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