The Michigan Daily is 129 years old. Through the years, The Daily’s core mission has remained constant: We exist to inform the University of Michigan community on important issues and to hold the University and those in power to account. 

But things have changed as well.

In 2009, the Ann Arbor News ended its daily print edition, transitioning to publishing content on and then in 2013. This made The Daily the only daily print newspaper in Washtenaw County, compelling us to focus more on Ann Arbor coverage in addition to U-M to supplement local news.

We have had more conversations about responsible and equitable journalism, recognizing The Daily’s responsibility to represent all groups with empathy and accuracy. We’ve thought deeply about how identity intersects with the way we tell stories, and understand that cultivating a diverse staff will make our coverage stronger.

At the top of our bylaws sits a “preamble,” also known as our Mission Statement. This preamble is old enough that the past couple Editors-in-Chief, including myself, can’t place its origins. The 2020 Management Desk, comprised of our managing section editors and senior editors, decided it was time for an update.

We’ve revised our Mission Statement to better reflect our goals and hold ourselves to higher standards. In it, we’re emphasizing our commitment to covering both the University and Ann Arbor communities and our dedication to fairness and equity.

In an effort to improve transparency between The Daily and the communities we cover, we’re sharing this statement directly with you, our readers. It will also be accessible for reference on our website’s About page.

The Michigan Daily exists to inform the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor communities about events and issues of consequence to the University and Washtenaw County.

We will maintain an entirely independent, student-run newspaper because we believe a voice separate from the University ensures our ability to hold the administration accountable and protect our coverage from outside interests.

We strive in all cases to uphold impartiality, fairness and the complete truth. We strive for equitable coverage in our representation of all communities, identities and groups.

We will work to attain a diverse staff to represent the broader campus community.

Let’s stick to it for the next 129 years.

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