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Jess Cox
Jess Cox

The first thing you will probably notice is that the Random Student Interview is no longer on this page. Don’t worry, we would never get rid of it. It’s just moved to the back of the magazine on page 15B. It’s still the same format, the same randomness and the same silliness that you’ve all come to expect. Many people ask me how we get the students for the interview, and it essentially consists of flipping open the student directory and calling the first number we see.

Also in this week’s issue, we have stories on the mystique of Martha Cook, the malaise with MSA and the franchising of Ann Arbor. These longer pieces are different from any story in the paper and they’re worth the time to check out.

In the coming weeks, look for a movement away from restaurant reviews and store profiles and toward more thoughtful pieces that explore Ann Arbor and the stories that are waiting to be told from all parts of the city.

If you’re interested in writing, if you have a story idea or if you just have a comment (even if it is about that ridiculous picture of me), feel free to e-mail me at


Thanks for reading.

Doug Wernert, Magazine Editor

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