Some students don’t have the time to commit to three months of rehearsal in order to be in a show. Others might like to write a short skit but don’t have time to write and produce an entire drama. Thanks to the Residential College Players, Evening of Scenes (EOS) – a biannual weekend of student directed, performed and sometimes written scenes – will run tonight and Saturday at the RC Auditorium.

Like Kamikaze Theater, the EOS is one of many RC Players’ events performed during the year. The RC Players, a Residential College student organization, gives all students, not just RC Players, a unique opportunity to take part in student-run theater. Audiences can sit back and enjoy the slapstick, physical humor of student-written sketches or their favorite SNL skits. The intimate setting of the RC Auditorium contributes to the cozy and enjoyable EOS experience.

“We always have such a great turnout. Everyone is always laughing all the time and it’s hilarious,” said Mandee Reynders, EOS co-producer and RC sophomore. For this EOS, she directed a scene she wrote herself. Her partner in crime is RC sophomore Kristin Schultes.

“EOS is one of the only places where students get to perform their own work and are personally involved in producing something,” Reynders said. Basements Arts performs student-written dramas but is much more selective.

Every fall and winter semester, students come together to form a show full of any content, characters and humor they want. The show sets virtually no limits on students’ creative imaginations.

“There is always a wide variety of scenes and there are no ratings – you can say whatever you want in terms of language and topics,” Reynders said. “Students are free to express whatever they think will be entertaining to an audience.”

The winter semester EOS holds auditions the second week of January and perform their shows the first week of February. The fall semester show runs similarly. Despite only two weeks of rehearsal and one week of tech, Reynolds enthuses over the “quality performances,” which still take place.

“It’s also a good way for students to meet new people,” Reynders said. “With 43 new people in the show this semester, this is one of the biggest casts ever.”

Overall, Reynders emphasizes how open EOS is for students of all majors and backgrounds.

“You don’t have to be an RC Player to get involved here,” Reynders said. “This is an opportunity for anyone to be on stage.”

It’s free and it’s funny. Come check it out.

Evening of Scenes
Tonight and tomorrow at 8 p.m.
At the RC Auditorium


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