Game developers line up for almost three hours to catch a sneak peek at Sony’s new PlayStation 3, set to debut next year, at the Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, in Los Angeles. E3 is only open to members of the game industry and the media.

Chelsea Trull
Chelsea Trull
Chelsea Trull

Convention-goers get their first glimpse at “Infected,” a new horror-action game from Pandemic, by participating in a wireless death match alongside a zombie actor.

With only a few playable games available for Microsoft’s new Xbox 360, the E3 convention mainly showcased the present-day Xbox.

While Nintendo did reveal their own next-gen system, their most firm announcement was the smaller Game Boy Micro.

An example of the over-the-top booths designed for E3.  For “Destroy All Humans,” a ’50s-era movie theater complete with a tractor-beam-equipped UFO was built for the show floor.  

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