Receiving e-mails from student government candidates asking for votes may be part of elections, but what is unusual is a widely distributed e-mail from former Michigan Student Assembly President and Blue Party member Matt Nolan expressing his frustration with the current assembly.

MSA President Sarah Boot and Vice-President Dana Glassel – both Students First members – said the e-mail was in direct violation of the integrity of the election.

“He sent that e-mail with the malicious intent of ruining the election for our (Students First) candidates,” Boot said. “My concern is that now it’s too late for the truth to be told.”

In the e-mail, Nolan lists specific initiatives by the current assembly he charges are not addressing the needs of students. He encouraged students to vote for the Blue Party.

“These past six months Students First members have been tooting their own horn,” Nolan said. “They keep students out of MSA’s reach and I think it’s wrong although it has nothing to do with the current Blue people.”

Blue Party leader and representative Sarra Nazem said she was not aware the e-mail was going to be sent.

“Matt acted on his own free will and everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” Nazem said. “We agree with a lot of the things he wrote but there was no kind of coordination between us to send out the e-mail.”

The e-mail claims that MSA does not affect students with specifics such as MSA spending $10,000 on a voter registration concert and MSA asking administration to take down the American flag and replace it with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender flag.

Boot said these allegations were false. Concert spending was less than $2,000 and the rainbow flag would be placed underneath the American flag, Boot said.

“We feel like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place,” Boot said. “On one hand we want everyone to know that he is lying, but on the other hand we don’t want to sink to his level by spamming campus.”

Student First members and Blue Party members both claim projects such as initiating the Entr

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