One University student has been confirmed of being infected of the same strain of E. coli bacteria that has caused an outbreak across the area. Another potential case is under investigation.

The student fell ill two weeks ago, sickened by the same strain that has affected more than two dozen Michigan State University students over the past two weeks. The strain has also been linked to seven other cases in the state, including five cases at the Lenawee County Jail.

The University of Michigan student, whose name has not been released, has since recovered, University spokeswoman Kelly Cunningham said. Another student may have also fallen ill from the bacteria, but the case has not been confirmed, Cunningham added.

Cunningham said there doesn’t appear to be any direct connection between either of the ill students and the cases reported around the state. She said both students were initially treated at University Health Service.

When a case is suspected at UHS, it is reported to the Washtenaw County Health Department for testing.

Cunningham said UHS doesn’t “see any cause for alarm at this point.”

Investigators at the Michigan Department of Community Health believe the strain may have come from the same contaminated food but haven’t identified a source.

— The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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