It’s a bad sign for a movie when its trailer proclaims that its producers also worked on a soon-to-be summer blockbuster, especially if the movie releases before said blockbuster. The trailer for “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” brags loudly about the fact that a member of its production team is also working on “Cowboys & Aliens.” Then again, when your lead actor is best known for blowing his 2006 turn as Superman, you get desperate.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

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Protecting Metropolis obviously didn’t work out, so Brandon Routh took a new job as Dylan Dog, a detective who “protects (the undead) from themselves.” We know this because the trailer tells us four times, twice via badly chosen, arrogantly delivered lines — such as the one quoted above — and twice again in typical deep-voiced trailer voiceover. The rest of the clip is a mild improvement, but it’s hard to get over the fact that Routh is the tour guide — Styrofoam is more charismatic and would probably seem less bored. And there’s the fact that the trailer tells us nothing about the story — for all we know, it’s a faux-documentary about the supernatural with Routh as our bored F-list narrator. All in all, “Dylan” seems like a curiosity, but nothing compelling enough to pay for.

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