After two years of playing hockey at Boston University, then-sophomore Adam Dunlap decided it was time for a change. He spent most of his two years on the bench and was not getting what he had hoped to from Boston University, so he started looking elsewhere. Dunlap decided to transfer from Boston University to Michigan before the 2004-05 season.

“I didn’t think the atmosphere in the East is the same as the Midwest,” said Dunlap, who is now a senior. “Michigan has a lot more social activities, a better academic environment and I like the support of the students for the athletic teams.”

While this is the defenseman’s second season as a Wolverine, he has yet to see ice time. Last year, Dunlap was forced to sit out the entire season due to NCAA rules regarding transfers. This year, Michigan’s talented class of freshmen – which includes two defensemen – has forced him to watch from the bench. Despite this, Dunlap is still having fun, and the thought of leaving Ann Arbor has never crossed the senior’s mind.

“It’s frustrating, but I’m having a great time,” Dunlap said. “I’m enjoying myself, and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Two games have gone by with Dunlap being left out of the lineup in both, listed as a healthy scratch. But he still keeps himself motivated and working hard in practice, knowing hockey is a rough sport and, at any time, a player could go down to injury. If that player happened to be a defenseman, Dunlap would be called upon to step up and perform.

“I know that, in case someone gets hurt, I would have to go in and play,” Dunlap said. “I would have to fill their spot while they’re out and help the team.”

Dunlap’s presence on the team adds some intrigue to this Friday’s matchup against No. 5 Boston College. As a former Boston Terrier, Dunlap got to experience the intense Boston University-Boston College rivalry first hand, and he would love for Michigan to beat his former archrival.

Dunlap gave some indications that he might say something special to try to fire up the team before the game, but he was non-committal.

“They’re the ones who have to go out and play the game,” he said.

But, when asked if he still contained feelings of hatred toward the Eagles, Dunlap was much more firm with his answer, simply saying: “I do.”

The Wolverines will look to take care of business for Dunlap, as well as notch a big early season victory, when they host Boston College Friday night at Yost Ice Arena.


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