Being a pot smoking, frat boy isn’t easy. Bellow is a tell-tale account of these brothers defeats and victories.

Kingbo333: haha. where u man? i’m cleaing all the beer cans and shit

daberk783: i’m sorry man

Kingbo333: this room is a mess ha. lot of happy freshmen though

Kingbo333: u know where i jsut was?

daberk783: yea i know tell me about it

Kingbo333: I was with anne and cara studying and i talked to cara about u for like 5 minutes and she said to me this:

Kingbo333: He seems like a really cool guy. U can tell he’s smart he’s got that intellectual feel. I think he’s cute too and it’s great that he loves to smoke cause u nkow dan i love to smoke but I feel like every time i get together with him and we smoke he passes out. If he liked me then he’d want to talk to me when we’re together

daberk783: you’re kidding me. did you tell her that it’s nothign personal, and i’m just narcleptic?

Kingbo333: I told her: I know what u mean, sometimes when he smokes he just paasses out but he’s starting to realize that and he’s been much better. Now he’s jsut chill

daberk783: maybe i’ll give her a call sometime, go on a date

Kingbo333: definitely should.

daberk783:How come everytime there’s a dead body in Ann Arbor, I have to write about it.

Kingbo333: oh…. that was somethign i brought up bout u about how u write all the thigns for the daily and then she said “I know! I notice all the thigns he writes. he’s in there like every day.”

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