Not many people can honestly say they know who the real Lloyd Carr is. But here are a few interesting tidbits that might ignite some curiosities.

Paul Wong

– Starbucks surprise

Carr often burns the midnight oil, staying late to work at

Schembechler Hall. And in the morning, Carr won’t forget one of his favorite beverages – and caffeine suppliers – Starbucks coffee.

– Under oath

Imagine having the opportunity to grill Carr on anything you’d like – and he HAS to answer! That dream became a reality for several Law School students who asked Carr to serve as an “expert

witness” during one of their classes last spring.

Carr sweated it out, and was “amazed” at the severe criticism given out by instructors to the aspiring lawyers.

– Normandy invasion

Carr, a huge history buff, was so fascinated with a book he read on the D-Day invasion during World War II that he made not one but two trips to the banks of Normandy, France in attempt to immerse himself into the experience.

“It was truly remarkable,” Carr said. “It’s the type of place where once you go, you have to go again.”

Carr said he’s also traveled to Paris, and he plans to see many more sites once he retires from football.

– Honest Abe

Carr may not kick back and switch the channel to “TRL” on MTV, but he may turn the clicker to A&E for an intriguing episode of “Biography.”

Carr enjoys learning about famous leaders of the past, often reading the stories of their lives cover to cover. His favorite book is Lincoln’s biography by Nathaniel Stephenson.

“Lincoln was the greatest leader in the history of our country,” Carr said.

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