You thought we were joking last week, but it looks like we were right. Michigan is still contending for the Big Ten title. We’ve brought the “And Den” box back for a second consecutive week to give you a rundown of the sequence of events that would need to transpire for the Wolverines to wrap up their third straight conference championship. The Wolverines need to win out against Northwestern, Indiana and Ohio State. If that happens, they’ll be ahead of those three teams …

And Den? First-place Penn State has to lose one more game. The Nittany Lions bounced back from their loss to the Wolverines by beating up on Ron Zook’s lowly crew.

Remaining games: Oct. 29 vs. Purdue

                           Nov. 5 vs. No. 19 Wisconsin

                           Nov. 19 at No. 22 Michigan State

And Dennnn? Minnesota snuck out of the Big House with a win three weekends ago, but that win was all for naught with its improbable loss to Wisconsin. Luckily for Minnesota they had a bye week to prepare for coach Glen Mason’s old stomping grounds – Ohio State. We don’t care, we still see a loss.

Remaining games: Oct. 29 vs. No. 14 Ohio State

                           Nov. 5 at Indiana

                           Nov. 12 vs. No. 22 Michigan State

                           Nov. 19 at Iowa

And Dennnnnnnnnn? Wisconsin is a little tougher. These guys never really impress too much, even in wins. But you know what? All that matters are wins and losses, and they have just one loss. Chalk up another victory this weekend over the Big Ten’s whipping boy, Illinois. That means the Badgers would need to lose to both Penn State and Iowa to fall behind the Wolverines.

Remaining games: Oct. 29 at Illinois

                           Nov. 5 at No. 12 Penn State

                           Nov. 12 vs. Iowa

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