Crazy Wisdom Tea Room will host two local singer-songwriters, Annie Dubrinsky and Jens Erik Gould, of the local band Curious Few, tonight at 8:30pm. Admission to the show is free.

The Tea Room is known for serving as a venue of underground local talent. Gould, who describes his sound as a mix of “classic rock, bluegrass and folk,” will split the show with the heavily “poetry-influenced” Annie Dubrinsky. They will each perform one-hour sets.

Despite his usual role as part of the Curious Few, Gould said, “I”ve written a lot of songs that I want to do by myself.

They are personal and traveling stories inspired by a trip to Europe,” said Gould of the material that will comprise his set this evening.

Additionally, he believes that the diversity of his sound will spark interest in his songwriting, which he views as a story-telling outlet.

Dubrinsky, who has been playing piano since the age of seven and has always had a strong interest in poetry, is supporting her independent EP entitled “Try As I Might.”

She often plays with a band but will be performing tonight as a solo act. Her music is bluesy-pop, piano-driven vaguely reminiscent of Fiona Apple. She cites Radiohead, Ben Folds Five and Rufus Wainwright as influences.

“I”m painfully honest and intimate,” said Dubrinsky.

The performance by these two artists will continue the tradition of showcasing of local, fresh and independent singer-songwriters upon which the Tea Room has built its reputation.

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