Introducing the 2001 Michigan football recruiting class:

Kelly Baraka, RB: Described by coach Lloyd Carr as having “tremendous explosion.”

Spencer Brinton, QB: A transfer from San Diego State, on a two-year Mormon mission.

Markus Curry, DB: Brother of current Michigan junior Julius Curry.

Kyle Ealey, TE: The only representative of the Michigan class from Illinois.

Braylon Edwards, WR: Carr has known about Edwards since he was “about knee-high.”

Leo Henige, OL: Listed at 315 pounds, but Carr says that he”s far bigger.

Marlin Jackson, DB: Like Baraka and Ernest Shazor, USA Today High School All-Americans

Matt Lentz, OL: The second of Michigan”s two 300-plus-pound offensive linemen.

Tim Massaquoi, WR: The jewel of the wide receiver class for the coming year.

Patrick Massy, DL: Plays for the best high school basketball team in Ohio.

Scott McClintock, LB: Carr never thought that his mother would let him come to Ann Arbor.

Alex Ofili, DL: An Ypsilanti native, attended Carr”s summer camp.

Lawrence Reid, LB: Carr compares him to former Wolverine standout Ian Gold.

Sean Sanderson, FB: Carr visited with his family for 11 hours in one day.

Joey Sarantos, LB: High school teammate of Baraka”s also plays basketball.

Ernest Shazor: The first member to commit to this year”s recruiting class.

Dan Simelis, OL: Carr describes him as “one of those kids.” Hmmm.

Dave Spytek, DL: Carr”s description: “He”s a Spytek which means he”s tough.”

Adam Stenavich, OL: Smallest member of the offensive line recruits.

Jacob Stewart, DB: Reminds Carr of Cato June, current Michigan safety.

David Underwood, RB: Promised Carr that he would be coming this past summer.

Pierre Woods, DL: Carr is extremely impressed with his height and basketball abilities.

Blast from the past:

Here”s a look at the best and busts of the 1997 recruiting class of four years ago.


Anthony Thomas, RB

Michigan”s all-time career leader in touchdowns and rushing yards.

Maurice Williams, OL

Projected as a late-first round early-second round pick in this year”s NFL draft.


Ray Jackson, FB

Was projected as the next great Michigan fullback but is currently carrying the ball for the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Patrick McCall, RB

Highly recruited from California now backing-up Ken Simonton at Oregon State.

William Peterson, DB

A, key contributor in the defensive backfield, he was dismissed from the team for stealing money from a stripper.

Demetrius Smith, RB

A back-up who was dismissed from the team under enigmatic circumstances.

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