The song “Bodies,” with its raging chorus of “Let the bodies hit the floor,” is quickly becoming a mosh pit anthem and the band behind it, Drowning Pool, is enjoying every second of their success and their run on the Ozzfest tour. “It”s like a dream come true, its amazing, I wake up every day saying I can”t believe we”re here,” guitarist C.J. Pierce notes with a sense of wonderment and a hint of euphoria.

Paul Wong

Their record Sinner has only been out eight weeks, but the records are flying out of stores faster than lightweights flying out of the mosh pit.

Although the band is very grateful, this level of success wasn”t really expected. “I said, “I hope we sell 5,000″ that would be cool, respectable. We sold 19,000 and everyone”s jaw hit the floor. You think your first week always sells a lot, then it drops off and kind of levels up and we sold more the next week and the next week ” Pierce stated.

Right now the album has shipped 800,000 copies. The band has planned a gold party to celebrate the 500,000 mark, but they may want to hold off a few more weeks for the platinum party.

The band is certainly happy that “Bodies” has been picked up by rock radio, MTV and even WWF programming, but mainstream success was never the goal.

“We never wrote any of these in that kind of fashion. We all come from the underground. We love that kind of music,” Pierce said.

With mainstream success comes the worry of being perceived as sellouts. “People say you lose credibility but I think its pretty cool we”re getting in touch with a lot of kids,” Pierce said.

Many kids connect with Drowning Pool through the albums and radio, but those who come to the shows have a chance to connect with the band personally.

“We sign in the morning and the evening. After the show I am on the lawn hanging out with all the kids. At a club show, after the show, we”re all hanging out at the bar. None of us go on the bus or the backroom.”

The only disadvantage of the Ozzfest tour Pierce said is that he “can”t meet ten to twenty thousand people and shake their hand at each show.”

The band is so “real” that even after they signed their record deal, Pierce returned to his old job as an electrician to take care of all his commitments. When home from touring, he says he will go back to his Mom”s house and make some repairs she has asked him to do now that”s REAL.

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