The 2004 NFL season will feature two former Michigan
quarterbacks in their rookie years. Drew Henson, who left the
Wolverines to play for the Yankees, has decided to head back to the
gridiron. John Navarre, who led Michigan into the Rose Bowl last
season, will enter the draft after three full seasons as the
Wolverines’ signal caller.

Mira Levitan
Mira Levitan

“Drew Henson informed me today that he will leave the
University of Michigan to pursue his baseball career,” Carr
said in 2000. “We wish him well.”

With that, the baton was passed from Henson to Navarre. Now
they both find themselves facing NFL rookie seasons this

Drew Henson

Football position: QB

Baseball position: 3B

‘M’ football stats: 27 games. 214 of 374 passes
(57.2%) for 2,946 yards, 24 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

Peak moment in baseball: Going 1-for-3 in his final big league

Pro baseball batting average: .111 (1-for-8)

What people are saying: “He’s the real deal. His physical
abilities, the kind of presence he demonstrates on the field, all
translates into a first-round package.” – Former NFL
quarterback coach Larry Kennen,1/29/04

What he said: “I’m not going to go play football. I get
defensive probably more so than at first. It offends me because
people will think, ‘Well, he made a decision and now he’s going to
switch back.’ That’s not the type of person I am.” –

Athletic compensation: 3/4 Michigan Education, $5 million of a
$17 million baseball contract.

NFL Draft: Selected in the sixth round of the 2003 draft by

Strengths: Built for football, knows the game well and can take
a beating.

Weaknesses: Hasn’t played competitive football since

John Navarre

Football position: QB

Baseball position: P

‘M’ football stats: 43 games. 765 of 1,366 passes
(56.0%) for 9,254 yards, 72 touchdowns and 31 interceptions.

Peak moment in baseball: First-team all-conference utility
player as a high school junior.

Pro baseball batting average: .000 (0-for-0)

What people are saying: “I have had some great
quarterbacks here, I mean great ones. John Navarre is one of
them.” – Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr,

What he said: “I think development-wise, I used to try to
get by on raw talent. Once I grew into the system, I realized there
is more to it. I wish I worked on the mental part of the game just
as much as I worked on the physical part.” – 8/9/03

Athletic compensation: 1 Michigan Education.

NFL Draft: Projected in late-third or early-fourth round in the
2004 draft.

Strengths: Shown flashes of good field vision, can get air under
the ball. Strong arm. Has shown strong leadership skills.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent. Immobile.Holds on to the ball too

— Compiled by Ryan Sosin

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