Maybe you used to have DragonForce set as your ringtone in high school. Maybe you emphatically thrashed your long-haired head to one of the band’s tracks in your bedroom during your awkward teenage metal phase.

“Cry Thunder”


Or maybe, like most people, you only know the London-based power metal group from the impossibly difficult song on Guitar Hero — the one your best friend claimed to be able to play on “hard” but could never actually prove.

Whatever your familiarity with the black denim-clad band, DragonForce is back and as electrifying as ever. The band’s newest single, “Cry Thunder,” packs as much fury as a raging thunderstorm itself — the song races with sinewy synth and guitar solos that never seem to tire, while still staying grounded with a firm, booming beat.

Pair that with larger-than-life lyrics that strike like lightening — “Cry thunder! / Sword in his hand / Titans of justice, fearless we stand” — and you have a heavy metal song of epic proportions.

“Cry Thunder” is surely worthy of an update to your ringtone.

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