The Department of Public Safety is looking for a man accused of exposing himself in the Law Library during two recent weekends.

According to an e-mail sent to the University Law School community by David Baum, the assistant dean and senior manager of Student Affairs at the Law School, the suspect has exposed himself to female students on at least two separate occasions in the past few weeks.

The man is described in the e-mail as a “medium- to dark-complected black male in his early 30’s, 5’7”, 160 pounds (and) bald, wearing a a brown coat, black sweater, tan pants and a brown or off green knit hat.”

Both incidents occurred on two recent Saturday afternoons in the Law Library. Baum wrote in the e-mail that each time, the man “sat down near a female law student at a study table, discreetly and quietly pulled his pants part of the way down his legs and touched himself inappropriately.”

Both times, the man left the library when people in the vicinity noticed his behavior, according to the e-mail.

Baum also wrote in the e-mail that the man did not assault the female victims.

“In neither incident did he overtly confront the student nor behave in an aggressive manner toward her,” Baum wrote.

When contacted, Baum said he had no additional information other than what was sent in the e-mail.

DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said DPS is investigating the incidents, but that the department needs the help of the campus community in order to find the suspect.

“Right now we don’t have a lot of information,” Brown said. “Unfortunately we didn’t get called at the time of the incidents.”

Brown said students and faculty should report any suspicious activity immediately when they see it, rather than after an incident.

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