The increasing crime rate on campus this year took another jump early yesterday with the report of a home invasion in West Quad Residence Hall. A Michigan House third floor resident left her unlocked room around midnight to go downstairs to the library. When she returned a few minutes later, she was immediately suspicious because her door was slightly ajar.

“West Quad doors don”t stay open,” said the woman, an LSA junior, who wished to remain anonymous.

When she walked into her room, she said she saw an arm sticking out from behind a closet door.

“I didn”t see him and then he stepped out behind the door,” said the woman, an LSA junior.

The man told her he was looking for his friend and immediately left the room. She noticed that her laptop was missing, ran into the hall, and called the man back. She then noticed that her laptop was in her closet.

When she asked the man about her laptop, he replied before he entered the room, he allegedly saw a black man with an afro walking out. After the resident asked him to give a statement to the Department of Public Safety, the suspect left for good saying he would return in five minutes. The woman called DPS a few minutes later

“When I first saw him, I was pretty sure he was trying to steal something, but I didn”t want to confront him,” she said.

DPS is currently looking for a 18 to 21 year old Hispanic male. The suspect is approximately five feet seven inches, and weighs around 180 pounds. He has black hair shaved close on the sides and a thin black mustache. The resident said the suspect was wearing dark baggy jeans and a multi-colored textured shirt.

This is the second serious crime incident in a University residence hall in less than a week. On Saturday night, an East Quad resident was assaulted in her room by two males. The suspects in that incident have not been apprehended, and security has been increased around East Quad.

DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said that there is already a residence hall security officer in West Quad and there will probably be a stronger police presence.

The resident complimented DPS”s quick response to her room last night, but said, “All over campus, any individual can get into a dorm In terms of keeping people out, I don”t feel secure.”

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