A University freshman spent his second day at University Hospital yesterday after breaking his leg outside West Quad Residence Hall.

Shabina Khatri
Markings appear below the window. Jonathon Triest/Daily
Shabina Khatri
Evidence was scattered across the West Quad lawn. Jonathon Triest/Daily
Shabina Khatri
Sgt. Paul Vaughan points to the third-floor window of a West Quad resident involved in an incident on Sunday. Jonathon Triest/Daily

LSA freshman Chase Metcalf, a member of the Michigan wrestling team, was in stable condition yesterday after a personal injury that occurred at 7:45 Sunday morning.

How the injury occurred is still in question.

Department of Public Safety officers said that they were called to the scene and found a male student injured outside the building near Thompson Street. Officers said the student suffered a broken leg and added that they did not know if he sustained any other injuries.

DPS officers declined to comment on how the injury occurred, stating that the incident is under investigation by DPS Criminal Investigations Unit. The incident remained under investigation yesterday, DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said.

“He had some injuries, and we have to investigate it,” DPS Officer Janet Conners said. “It’s just the normal course of some of the work we do.”

Photographs taken at the scene of the incident on Thompson Street show an open window on the residence hall’s third floor, where Metcalf lives. The window is not broken, but two sets of four, long white markings are seen in the photograph just below the window. Each set is about the width of a person’s hand.

It is unknown how long the markings have been present on the building, and DPS officers refused to comment on their presence.

Once at the scene, photographs show that DPS officers roped off the lawn area between the building and the sidewalk. Within the area are a jacket and a sleeping bag marked as evidence, along with several other items. DPS officers did not comment on the evidence, and it is unknown whom the jacket and sleeping bag belong to or how they ended up outside the residence hall.

When reached at the hospital, Metcalf said he did not wish to comment on his injury or how it occurred.

Metcalf, a 133-pound member of the wrestling team, is expected to be a key player on the team.

The athletic department declined to comment on the incident.

Metcalf’s family could not be reached for comment.

– Daily Sports Writer Eric Chan contributed to this report.

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