5.“The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”
(Platinum Series Special Edition) —
If you are a huge
LOTR fan, you have one week left to wait. If not, this four-disc
set is still one of the greatest DVDs to come out in a long time,
with 43 minutes of never-before-seen footage and hours upon hours
of extras behind the magic that is one of the greatest films of
last year.

Mira Levitan

4. “Elf”/“The Cat in the Hat”
Two wildly popular former “Saturday Night
Live” stars hit the big screen just in time for the holidays.
Will Ferrell’s “Elf” is a heartwarming tale that
suits his strengths perfectly while Mike Myers stars as the crazy
lovable prankster in “The Cat in the Hat.” If last
years “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is any
indication, both actors and audiences alike will have a fun holiday

3.“24” — After last year’s
lackluster effort, “24” returns to first-season form.
The show’s solid cast, innovative premise and constant plot
twists make for the most exciting hour in television. Thus far
it’s lived up to its hype, and there are still 21 more
episodes to look forward to this season.

2.The Strokes – Room on Fire — For anybody out
there who thought the Strokes were a one-hit wonder with
“Last Night,” give their latest album a try. With the
incredible guitar riffs on “12:51” and “Automatic
Stop,” among others, coupled with an old-school sound, the
Strokes have found a well-deserved spot in the popular music

1.“Arrested Development” — The antics
of the Bluth family are a perfect way to conclude FOX’s
Sunday night of comedy. With Jeffrey Tambor portraying the crazy,
locked-up father and a filming style reminiscent of “Malcolm
in the Middle,” “Arrested Development” is sure to
be TV’s next big hit. Plus, with a character named George
Michael, how can this show go wrong?


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