5. “The Last Season: A Team in Search of Its
Soul” by Phil Jackson
— Four months removed from
his team’s defeat in the NBA Finals, former Los Angeles
Lakers coach Phil Jackson now reveals all in his new book.
Chronicling the 2003-04 season, Jackson explains the hardships of
coaching four Hall of Fame players and throws in plenty of jabs at
Kobe Bryant for good measure. The fun never stops.

Eston Bond

4. My Halloween Costume — After dressing up as a
woman for Halloween last year, it was time for a change. This year,
I chose to combine my name (“Doug”) and my occupation
(“Superhero”) to create an ideal costume. The result?
Quailman. Where’s Patti Mayonnaise?

3. FOX TV on Nov. 7 — Dubbed “Season Premiere
Sunday,” FOX brings back four of its most popular shows in
one night and caps it off with the series premiere of “My Big
Fat Obnoxious Boss.” Since that pesky World Series will be
over, don’t miss “The Simpsons Treehouse of
Horrors” to kick of the show’s 16th season, as well as
the return of the Emmy-Award winning “Arrested

2. “The Incredibles” — Pixar Animation,
the genius behind such hits as “Finding Nemo” and
“Toy Story,” is at it again. Still teaming with Disney,
its latest release “The Incrdibles” hits theaters Nov.
6 and, no pun intended, looks incredible. Telling the story of an
over-the-hill superhero getting one last shot at saving the day and
featuring the voice of Samuel L. Jackson, “The
Incredibles” looks like a definite fall hit.

1. “Lost” — While the idea of people
stranded on an island seems played out, “Lost” takes
the concept to a whole new level. The ABC drama develops characters
brilliantly, revealing the character’s dark secrets and
constantly keeping viewers off-balance. Fear of the island and
tension among the group members is slowly building, and the result
is one heart-pounding hour of television.

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