5. The Statement — Next Thursday, The Statement, which is replacing Weekend Magazine, will debut in this very paper. The magazine will feature more in-depth reporting pieces along with the restaurant reviews and random student interviews that you all know and love. It will be smarter, better-looking and definitely more thought provoking than last year. Plus, they put me in charge of it. Yay for self-promotion!

Eston Bond
(Courtesy of Apple)


4. “The Aristocrats” — Who would have ever thought that watching more than 100 comics tell the same joke over and over would be entertaining? Fortunately, the film is a great way for viewers to compare the style and delivery of their favorite comedians — everyone from Chris Rock to Carrot Top is featured. But leaving out Colin Mochrie of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” fame is a travesty.


3. “Lost” on DVD — The show that took ABC by storm last year comes to DVD just in time for casual viewers to catch up before the second season premiers Sept. 21. The multi-layered storylines, surreal backstories and dramatic cliffhangers in the season’s 24 episodes are still just as captivating as when they aired. Sorry “Survivor,” this is the new island hit.


2. Kanye West — Hip hop’s latest controversial figure backs up everything he says (And he does say a lot.) on his sophomore effort Late Registration. He seems to want to talk forever (forever? forever ever? forever ever?) but his emotional rhymes are smooth, slick and a breath of fresh air in the rap game. Plus, Kanye even has an emotional song about his mama, which every rap album needs. Holla we want prenup!


1. iPod Nano — As if there weren’t enough students walking around Ann Arbor with white headphone buds in their ears already, Apple yesterday unveiled the iPod nano, the successor to the wildly popular iPod shuffle. Cheaper, easier to use and no larger than a pencil, the nano features a color screen that will display photos and album art, a hard drive that holds up to four gigabytes of music and a 14-hour battery life. The tolerable $199 price tag doesn’t hurt either.

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