Three must be the lucky number for the Michigan women’s tennis team.

The Wolverines recently became the third-ranked team in the country, the best ranking in program history. They won all three of their Spring Break matches. And three years ago they welcomed a new coach — Ronni Bernstein — who has turned the team around.

And the team is currently experiencing a lot of doubles success — especially at the No. 3 slot.

Senior Tania Mahtani and junior Denise Muresan are currently 11-0 since moving to No. 3 after defeating both opponents from Penn State and Ohio State this past weekend. Their wins helped clinch the doubles point for Michigan in both matches, keeping the Wolverines perfect in conference doubles play.

“They never played together before and we kind of just put them together,” Berstein said. “But they’ve been doing a great job. I can’t complain — they’ve won eleven straight.”

The pair has played together all season, initially starting at the No. 1 position. But with a lack of initial constant success, they eventually ended up at No. 3.

“We had to learn how to play with each other (at first),” Muresan said. “You have to get used to having another person on the court with you.”

Since the switch to No. 3, the pair has won every one of its matches.

“We really trust ourselves and trust each other,” Mahtani said. “Throughout the season, we’ve been building. In any doubles you need to work together well.”

Mahtani, a California native, and Muresan, raised in Illinois, have different roles on the team, but still have the chemistry that allowed them to stay perfect in their past 11 matches. Mahtani is the team’s sole senior, acting as a leader for the Wolverines, and Muresan holds the No.1 singles position and is the 25th-ranked player in the country.

“It helps that we’re friends off the court as well,” Muresan said. “That allows us to really perform well and work well together.”

This chemistry was on display on Sunday, when Michigan played Ohio State. The pair was down 3-1 against the Buckeyes after the first four games of the doubles set, but then turned it around, winning six straight games to take the lead, 7-3.

During the final game, with the Wolverines leading 7-5, each team went back and forth from deuce to advantage point for almost 10 minutes before Michigan prevailed and clinched the doubles point.

“We have learned to keep each other calm and to work with one another in situations like that,” Mahtani said. “It’s just good to know you’re not on the court alone.”

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