DO: The Pink Line T-shirt Bra

With a new “Teeny” shape and design, this is the
perfect bra to wear under casual clothing like, obviously, a

DON’T: Satin Jacquard Corset

The “your body isn’t good enough” sentiment
aside, corsets are a huge pain to put on and more importantly, take
off. You’re guaranteed to just get frustrated and give

DO: Glamour Unlined Full Coverage Bra

This cute bra offers coverage while maintaining the stylishness
we have come to expect from Victoria’s. This bra is both sexy
and practical. Sorry, this one only comes in sizes above a B

DON’T: Add-a-Cup Demi Bra

The next best thing to a boob-job, nothing says “I Love
You” like feelings of inadequacy.

DO: Very Sexy of Him Essentials Gift Box

At $29, this award-winning cologne and aftershave is a great
gift for your guy. Not only will you impress him with your
wonderful taste, but you’ll also have a wonderfully smelling
boy on your hands.

DON’T: “Here Comes the Bride” Panty

It’s a V-string that plays “Here Comes the
Bride” when you touch a button. Probably not the message you
want to send to your girlfriend of three months.

DO: Garden Pretty Intentions Shoulder Bag

This is the perfect gift to show her that you are thinking about
her. This bag is made in faux suede and comes brimming with shower
gel, lotion and body splash in a variety of fragrances. It
isn’t presumptuous and both the bag and its contents are

DON’T: Rhinestone V-Strong

When I think “sexy,” I think of Liberace.
Don’t rhinestones chafe?

DO: A gift certificate

If you don’t want to be accused of simply trying to
“get some,” this is always a safe choice. It lets her
pick out what she is comfortable wearing, and if you are lucky you
will get to reap the benefits as well. They have an electronic gift
certificate or the more traditional paper kind.

DON’T: The Pearl Thong

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is, a string of pearls as
a thong. No one in their right mind could possibly find this thing
sexy, or even comfortable. Don’t even think about it.

— Compiled by Sean Dailey and Melissa Runstrom.

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