Todd Weiser

DJ Kicks


Tiga, my friend, you are really pushing my buttons right now. Fact of the matter is, this whole electro craze has gone on just about long enough. If this genre is going to survive, it’s time to put some substance over style. Maybe Tiga has been spinning delightful electro tunes since he came out of the womb. But the truth is, if this wily jack-of-all-trades (producer, DJ, record store owner, label founder) has been making delightful electro mixes since before electro was “cool,” no one cares or has noticed up to this point. The real question then, is whether or not Tiga’s mix transcends the current trendiness of his chosen genre.

To his detriment, this is probably the bazillionth electro compilation we’ve all listened to in the past six months – it’s not exactly original. To its credit, the mix is released by !K7’s quality DJ Kicks mix series, name drops tracks by 80’s heavy hitters like Soft Cell, and is laden with deep grooves. In fact, in quite a few spots, the tracks are better described as minimal house tunes than as electro. Tiga has passed the exam – let’s give him a listen.

3 1/2 Stars

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