People are obsessed with their own demise. So, it’s no surprise that movie theaters and DVD collections are full of post-apocalyptic thrillers and cheesy sci-fi dramas. But, here is a trailer promising something other than frightening aliens and awful illness: reality.

The Divide

Anchor Bay

Xavier Gens’s (“Hitman”) “The Divide” follows the story of nine New York tenants living in a high-rise apartment during a nuclear attack. As audiences meet the protagonists, they learn the characters have survived by hiding out in the bunker-like basement of the building, and are now stranded.

As the trailer reaches a peak and unleashes shot after shot of crazed, hungry individuals fighting each other for survival, viewers are reminded of how scary and unpredictable the end of the world would be.

Hope enters in the form of soldiers looking for survivors — whether they come to bring the characters to safety or to rid the city of the sick is unclear.

Full of visually intense moments and dark emotional scenes, this trailer promises a film full of disorder, conflict and ultimately, the struggle to stay human in a world void of life.

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