“Sleeping Beauty” is the latest Walt Disney classic to be remastered and released in special edition DVD form. With the compelling story of an evil vengeful fairy named Malificent trying to kill a teenage princess named Aurora who has just met her true love, the film is a great rendering of good versus evil.

Kate Green

The three good fairies chosen to watch over the young beauty provide humor and good-natured fun, and the dramatic finishing sequence with the prince and Malificent lead to a classic film that has stood the test of time.

The digital remastering of the 44-year-old movie is crisp and clear, and the old-school (by today’s standards) drawings are still well-appreciated.

The second disc of the two-DVD set makes this one for your collection. With sing-alongs, painting activities, interactive games and short movies devoted to the design, music, story and production, Disney has gone the extra mile to give the viewer a compelling history lesson on the making of a family favorite.

Walt Disney himself has called this the most inspirational of all his legendary movies and with good reason. The story is well-paced and well-told and will entertain young and old alike. With both widescreen and fullscreen viewing options provided on disc one accompanied by a wealth of information and fun found on the second disc, Buena Vista creates a beautifully constructed DVD. The only down side is a music video by an unknown teen pop group, proving that no piece of work is entirely perfect. However, “Sleeping Beauty Special Edition” sure comes close.

Movie: 5 stars

Picture/Sound: 5 stars

Features: 5 stars














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