Despite not having gaudy offensive statistics, Michigan’s turnaround in several other overlooked categories have kept the Wolverines on the winning track.


Not only did Michigan have trouble on the ground – averaging 3.6 yards per rush – it was also plagued by quarterback John Navarre’s nine picks through his first 10 games. The Wolverines barely broke even (plus-0) in the turnover margin and were often undisciplined in crucial situations.


The Wolverines lead the conference with a 50 percent conversion rate on third down and are second only to Iowa in turnover ratio (plus-7). Navarre has received most of the praise for the turnaround, as he’s done his share by throwing just one interception in conference play so far – as opposed to six picks at this time last year. The Wolverines are also the least penalized team in the Big Ten, getting pushed back only 33 yards per game.

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