MTV”s core audience must be dying for more “comedy” in the vein of “The Tom Green Show,” or Andy Dick would never have gotten on the air. “The Andy Dick Show” is like a horrible wreck on the freeway: You don”t want to slow down and look, but you can”t help but stare at the carnage.

The funny thing is that Andy Dick just may do a better Tom Green than Green himself, as he showed in a segment during the first episode. Done up as Green, replete with a wig and fake mustache, Dick proceeded to harass people coming out of a grocery store, and even smashed the guitar of a guy playing it outside of the store.

Andy Dick does possess some comic ability, which was proven during the run of “NewsRadio,” but letting him do what he does unrestrained is a very, very scary sight indeed. Witness the last segment of the first episode: A mock-“Making of the Video,” with Dick, who writes, directs, and produces the whole show, playing “Daphne Aguilera,” Christina Aguilera”s “cousin.” There are some bright spots, but the song and the video, “Naughty Baby Did A No-No” (a parody of Britney Spears” “Hit Me Baby One More Time”) prove that something must be done to keep Dick”s genius (or insanity, as Dr. Drew of “Loveline” states repeatedly in the opening segment) in check. Who really wants to see Andy Dick dressed as Britney Spears or spanking a fat guy who is supposed to be a teacher? More likely, those that hear Andy Dick sing will wish to be shot before another encounter. The guy sounds like a frog crossed with a goat. Gives me shudders just thinking about it.

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