Following the tornado that ripped through Dexter and parts of Washtenaw County last Thursday, members of the Ann Arbor City Council reflected on the impact of the storm and discussed the need to support the impacted areas at their meeting last night.

Councilmember Sabra Briere (D-Ward 1) urged residents to aid those affected by the tornado. Though no serious injuries were reported, Dexter Fire Chief Loren Yates announced yesterday that a total of 207 homes were damaged in Dexter and about 20 were demolished. Additionally, Dexter Community Schools canceled classes last Friday and resumed again yesterday.

“Our neighborhood suffered from a tornado that was unheard of in March,” Briere said. “Those of us who can should help. There are a lot of expenses to take care of, houses that need to be rebuilt, schools, businesses and lives.”

Councilmember Marcia Higgins (D-Ward 4) said she witnessed Thursday’s storm and saw a transformer get struck by lightning and a garage erupt in flames. She echoed Briere’s desire for the community to unite to aid areas in need.

Higgins added she was impressed by the way the Ann Arbor community reacted to the aftermath of the storm, noting the quick response of police and fire officials, especially in areas of significant damage and flooding.

“Staff responded really well at several immediate lakes that were named in our neighborhood because of the streets that were flooded,” Higgins said. “But it was really enjoyable to see our community come out, to see those people who were stuck to help (each other) get their cars out.”

Two Ann Arbor firefighters also sustained minor injuries in the storm.

—The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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