Found footage horror films are usually also microbudget films. That’s probably why production companies keep making them, even though they’re (for the most part) incredibly derivative and also really, really bad. There’s usually the bit about demonic things (stolen from “Paranormal Activity” because those movies made bank). There’s also the bit about how the monsters are conveniently invisible because the producers didn’t have a CGI budget. And of course, there’s the bit about how the whole film wasn’t directed at all, but was instead found on a cheap camcorder in the park.

The Devil Inside

Paramount Insurge

Sure enough, the trailer for “The Devil Inside” hits all those marks on the head. There are the first few frames, featuring what’s supposedly “the actual 911 call” placed from the home of one of the characters, Maria, who killed three people. Then there’s the bit where we learn that she was undergoing an exorcism. We see her daughter, explaining the film’s contrived backstory about how the exorcism and murders traumatized her. And then we see the Catholic mental ward where Maria’s being kept alongside all sorts of other people possessed by the invisible supernatural monsters that we don’t get to see because it’s more mysterious that way they didn’t have any money. Usually these things come out around Halloween, but this is coming out during Hollywood’s January doldrums. It’s easy to see why.

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