With all the hardcore and metal festivals under way right now, you might be wondering why someone in either of those fields wouldn�t want to hop on a bandwagon. We wanted to do a club tour, said Bleeding Through front-man Brandan Schieppati. A club tour has a whole different vibe. We wanted to give fans a break from the outdoor shows.

With a new album partly recorded, Bleeding Through has set out on what will be one of the most heinously heavy concerts to hit Detroit this summer. Accompanied by tour-mates Darkest Hour, Zao, and Misery Signals, the band kicked off their “Strhess Tour” in Philadelphia Friday night.

All too familiar with devastating experiences on the road Bleeding Through has endured some of the more unforgiving bus luck, that most bands don’t see in their lifetime. On last year’s Ozzfest alone the band went through four buses, and in December of 2003 endured a crash that was caught on tape and aired on every local news station in the area. Hardships aside, the band has managed to put the past behind them, and ready themselves for an explosive jaunt across the U.S. to promote their upcoming February release. We will be playing a few songs from the new record on this tour, said Schieppati.

Some of you might be stricken with the worry that because this show is at a larger venue, the show won’t be as intimate. Fear not, because the band plans to move in the barricade to assure their emotional and physical connection to the fans. We’re going to do everything we can to bring ourselves closer to the crowd. We feed off of their energy, said Schieppati.

Expect the metalcore sextet to pull out all the stops on this tour. Bleeding Through puts on one of the most aggressive and kinetic performances to hit the stage. Whether it’s somersaulting across the stage to diving into the crowd, or just getting up close and letting the fans sing, the band is always engaging with their fans to make them just as much part of the show as they are. Singing is my aggression outlet. I’m normally a pretty calm and quiet person, said Schieppati.

The “Strhess Tour” rages its way though the motor city on Wednesday at St. Andrews Hall.

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