Winter sneaking

Paul Wong
Louis Brown/Daily

And closing me in

Hidden and protected

No accumulation

I thought you knew

Alone at night

Fan rolling, caked with ashen air

The smell of a lit match

Chemicals and wood

Rushing upwards past my face

Refrigerator vibrating cool cool cold

There are birds in the trees

Alone at night

Knowing that you”re safe, that I still have friends,

That everything is good miles away,

It”s my kind of asceticism:


Candlelight warm tonight

Outside flakes and frost on glass

No accumulation

Scenes of us slow dancing

More real than memory

Don”t vanish yet

Stay with me

Sing Ray Charles” “You Don”t Know Me”

Between smiles and tears

I thought you knew

For the first time, like so many

Other times, a confession to myself:

I need to be alone

I don”t expect you to understand

I need to be selfish sometimes

Though I”m sorry, so sorry

There are birds in the trees

My tracks are in the forest

I thought you knew

These sounds of loneliness

Interrupted by my thoughts

Fill the room and translate

Into languages you haven”t yet learned

I”m here, I will, I”m trying

No accumulation

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