This fall’s fierce and assertive fashion trends promise to bring with them a supreme air of domination. It means the end of those hideous gaucho pants, Uggs will face a much-anticipated and merciless death and even sexiness will be put on the shelf until spring.

Angela Cesere
Rodo suede clutch with Swarovski crystal detailing. (Photos courtesy of
Angela Cesere
Marc Jacobs multi-colored plaid wool coat.

This new look is undeniably bold. By borrowing stylistic intuitions from the ’80s – sans tuxedo tees and neon-plastic adornment – fashion is taking a drastic leap toward the adventurous.

The most striking shape this fall – it made brief appearances last spring – is an exaggerated “reverse-eggshell” shape, known in past decades as the mushroom. A ballooned mini with opaque tights is sure to be a favorite combination, but longer versions emphasizing the curves of the hips are no less impressive. Pair a skirt of this shape with a fitted top or tailored jacket to balance this bottom-heavy shape.

Veering in the opposite direction, the ever-classic Ralph Lauren style niche has finally reached the mainstream, only now it’s more heightened than ever. If it’s a sleeker silhouette you’re after, the commanding naval/military look is the optimal choice. Only the bayonet is missing from Anna Sui’s polychromatic, Napoleonesque costumes. Only the truly dauntless should attempt this dramatic look. Jean Paul Gaultier provides a softer, more modern approach to structured shoulders and brass-buttoned overcoats.


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