Denard Robinson was on the phone. He was on his way to a workout with the Washington Redskins. The LSA senior wanted to talk about a graduation bucket list.

“I don’t really have a bucket list,” Robinson said. “What do you think I should put on my bucket list? What’s something I should put on there?”

Well, let’s see. How about scoring a touchdown in front of the largest crowd in the country? No, he did that already. It was on his first play, his first game in fact, during his freshman year.

Robinson fumbled the ball on that play, but he picked it up and started running and hasn’t really stopped. He ran into the starting position, ran past Notre Dame, twice, and into Michigan lore.

How about winning the program’s first home night game, in one its most memorable games ever? Cross that off his list too.

Then there are the personal goals. Meeting LeBron James didn’t make the list because, well, meeting the president of the United States gets precedence. Anyway, he’s already done both of those. Overcoming his aversion to public speaking is not on the list either. He gave the keynote speech at the Big Ten Media Days summer 2012.

Soon Robinson will reach another milestone. He will become the first member of his family to graduate from college. It wasn’t easy, especially this semester. Robinson is taking five classes, including an advanced physics course and a psychology course. He also has multiple daily workouts and frequent trips to visit NFL teams before the Draft. But May 4, in the Big House no less, he’ll graduate with a degree in sociology.

Then there’s the daily maze of navigating life as Denard Robinson. He’s no longer the leader of the football team, but he hasn’t noticed a difference. There are still so many autograph and photograph requests that Robinson loses track of the count.

“Yeah it does get hard,” Robinson said of the unrelenting attention. But he said he tries to “make somebody else’s day every day. I love doing that.”

“I don’t know how he does it,” said his friend and former Michigan hockey defenseman Lee Moffie. Moffie would know — he and Robinson went to Atlanta together to see the Michigan men’s basketball team play in the Final Four.

So there’s another thing that can’t go on the bucket list. The star quarterback has been to as many Michigan sports events as most fans. He dances, cheers and is irrationally loyal just like any other Wolverine.

“If you’re my kids, you gotta go to Michigan or I’m not going to pay for it.”

So, there hasn’t been much progress on building that bucket list. Well, why doesn’t he just visit the art museum? They’ve got Picassos.

“No,” Robinson said. “I have been to the art museum.”

Of course he has.

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