After months of campaigning, the College Democrats and College Republicans are preparing for their final campus push to turn out voters for their respective candidates.

With polls showing a double-digit lead for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama in Michigan, Styer said his group is no longer focusing its efforts on “winning the game.” Now, he said, they’re “trying to run up the score.”

“It’s one thing to win by a point or two,” he said. “But if we can win in a landslide in the popular vote, if we can win with a clear landslide in the electoral vote, Obama enters the presidency with a mandate.”

To make sure the Democrats on campus turn out to vote for Obama, Styer said the group will be calling and knocking on the doors of every student registered to vote and blanketing the campus with flyers and posters.

College Democrats members spent Saturday campaigning in Oakland County for Gary Peters, the Democratic challenger to incumbent 9th District Rep. Joe Knollenberg, and began their final canvassing and phone banking drives yesterday.

Styer said 80 students volunteered yesterday, a number well above what he anticipated.

“It was electric throughout the day,” Styer said.

Styer expects another 80 volunteers to contact students today and remind them to vote, adding that he expects every University student in the Obama campaign’s database of voters to be contacted today.

But the real push begins tonight when the College Democrats will host a midnight rally at the Michigan Union featuring the Ann Arbor-based band My Dear Disco and prominent state Democrats, including Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Sen. Carl Levin.

Styer said the rally will serve to motivate College Democrats members, as did a similar event in 2006, when Granholm rallied the group at midnight the day before voting began during her gubernatorial re-election bid.

“That was the defining moment of my freshman year — Jennifer Granholm rallying the troops on Election Day,” Styer said. “We’re hoping to capture that same energy.”

After the rally, College Democrats will blanket the campus with flyers and signs for the Democratic candidate, kicking off the group’s Election Day activities.

Starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow, College Democrats volunteers will be sent to every student-heavy precinct. Every precinct will then be canvassed again at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Styer said registered voters will be contacted by the volunteers in person or on the phone until they’ve confirmed they’ve voted.

Styer said more than 100 students have signed up to work for the campaign on Election Day, many of whom have pledged to skip classes and work to volunteer. He said he expects the actual number of volunteers to be much higher.

“If we see remarkable turnout in student precincts, we’ll reallocate those volunteers to other districts throughout the state,” he said.

Brady Smith, chair of the University’s chapter of College Republicans, said his group will be sending volunteers to the Ann Arbor Republican campaign offices to make phone calls on behalf of Republican candidates.

“I’m not a huge proponent of having people skip class,” Smith said. “In terms of coordinated efforts, they’re a little bit difficult to have.”

Smith said the group instead is having its members to encourage their friends and neighbors to vote for John McCain and other Republican candidates on an individual basis.

Based on turn out at other College Republicans events, Smith said he expected about 30 people to volunteer for the group throughout the day on Election Day.

“When they can get a couple of hours in, we’re more than happy to have them,” he said. “That’s something we’re excited to have happen.”

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