Zingerman’s, the quirky deli turned Ann Arbor food empire, had plans to expand its operation and add a few new additions to the Kerrytown location that the business has called home since 1982 – at least until last Thursday.

At a meeting of Ann Arbor’s Historic District Commission, commissioners rejected two of three proposals put forth to demolish existing structures in the city’s historic 4th District that would have made way for Zingerman’s planned development.

Zingerman co-founder Paul Saginaw said he wasn’t surprised by the decision.

Saginaw said he saw the report prepared for the commissioners before last week’s meeting and knew that the odds weren’t in Zingerman’s favor.

“We knew that the staff was recommending against demolition, but we had hoped to present a compelling case for why they should allow us to do what we wanted to do,” Saginaw said. “But apparently their minds were made up beforehand.”

Two of the structures that the commissioners voted to protect were homes located at 322 East Kingsley St. and 420 Detroit St. The Kingsley Street location was ravaged by a fire in 2006, but commissioners said they found the home to be both structurally sound and a contributing feature to the “residential character” of the street. Though that location was narrowly rejected by a split vote of 4-3, the commissioners unanimously rejected demolition on the Detroit Street home.

A garage behind 418

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