Despite a proclaimed hiatus, Colin Meloy and his Decemberists find themselves once again releasing new material, even if it’s just one song. However, the cause is justified: The band, along with Taylor Swift and Arcade Fire, was asked to contribute a piece for the upcoming “Hunger Games” movie — and the result is “One Engine.”

One Engine

The Decembrists
Universal Republic

The song begins with a spirited, tantalizing acoustic riff, to which a driving bass drum is added after a few seconds. The start is promising, and the drums engaging.

However, as we get to the meat of the track, “One Engine” underwhelms and never really delivers on its potential. The chorus’s lyrics are clearly appropriate for the story: “And the martyr line / It’s a bitter pill / And the line of right / It will barely make you feel.” But unfortunately, the melody never gets as exciting as the “Hunger Games” ’s story, and comes off as mildly uninspired.

As far as movie soundtrack songs go, one could do far worse than “One Engine,” but in holding it up against previous Decemberists efforts, the track pales in comparison.

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