At December’s meeting of the University’s Board of Regents, the board approved several key appointments, including two executive officers.

Among appointments, the board extended University Provost Martha Pollack’s contract to 2018 and confirmed Marschall Runge as the executive vice president of medical affairs.

Pollack, who was originally appointed in an interim position in 2013, was re-appointed for an additional three years. The provost is charged with supporting the University’s academic and budgetary functions.

In a statement to the board, University President Mark Schlissel lauded Pollack’s work in several areas, including digital education, diversity and financial support.

“(Pollack) has been an innovative and disciplined budget leader for the campus,” Schlissel wrote. “Under her leadership, the university has made important strides in both holding down tuition costs and providing more financial aid to students.”

Along with Pollack, the regents confirmed Runge’s appointment, which Schlissel recommended last month.

Thursday also marked the last meeting for Regent Julia Darlow (D). Darlow has served on the Board of Regents for eight years, and chose not to run for another term when her seat was up for reelection this past November. Flint attorney Mike Behm, also a Democrat, will replace her in January

Speaking for the Board, Regent Kathy White (D) thanked Darlow for her service and formally confirmed Darlow’s new status as regent emerita.

“The regents commend Regent Darlow for her spirited service to the University, her leadership, her tenacity and her friendship,” White said.

Along with the group acknowledgment, several other regents lauded Darlow for her work on the board.

“It’s really been an honor and privilege,” said Regent Laurence Deitch (D). “I’ve never known anyone who’s approached the job with more attention to detail and more commitment to a set of values.”

In response to her colleagues, Darlow thanked them and also welcomed Behm to the Board.

“Andi (Fischer Newman) ordered me not to cry, so I’m going to try very hard on that instruction,” Darlow said. “I just wanted to thank you all so very much … and I wanted to welcome Mike Behm. He’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful addition to this group.”

In an interview after the meeting, Behm said he has admired Darlow both as a fellow attorney and as a regent for a long time.

“I do have some big shoes to fill, and I’m excited to try,” Behm said. “I’ve talked with Julia quite a bit, and moving forward, will seek out her advice on a lot of issues.”

He cited Darlow’s accessibility to students as one key approach to being a regent that he would like to emulate.

Several community members also spoke to Darlow’s service throughout the meeting.

Anna Ercoli Schnitzer, coordinator of the University’s Council for Disability Concerns, thanked Darlow for her support of the group. Darlow has presented the James A. Neubacher Award, which the Council for Disability Concerns gives each year to a student in recognition of leadership in the disability community.

“Thank you Regent Darlow for your sustained support for the council for disability concerns, your uplifting presence,” Schnitzer said. “We will miss you so much: we have come to know you, to love you, we will miss you. Thank you.”

Additional appointments from the meeting included the reappointment of Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, School of Information Dean, who has been the dean of the school for four years.

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