The Michigan Daily discovered in November 2004 that several articles written by arts editor Alex Wolsky did not meet the newspaper’s standard of ethical journalism. Parts of these stories had been plagiarized from other news sources. Although the article below has not been found to contain plagiarism, the Daily no longer stands by its content. For details, see the Daily’s editorial.

3 Stars

After the release of Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique in 2001, Montreal’s The Dears return with No Cities Left a self-indulgent pop muse into the spirit of whatever was good about all those bad British pop bands we loved. The twelve-track album delves into the pop hooks reminiscent of the Smiths among others, and yet transcends the boundaries of experimental pop by striking a proper balance between art and madness.

There are no lines drawn here that haven’t already been etched into the music world’s subconscious already but that doesn’t take away from the fact that No Cities Left is yet another solid release from our neighbors to the North. From the simplistic, brooding beginning of “We Can Have It” to the near-Smiths knock-off “Don’t Lose the Faith” which I swear was on Louder Than Bombs, you’re undeniably in their grip.

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