From the opening shots of MTV’s new reality show “I’m From Rolling Stone,” it’s woefully clear the show’s producers sought personality over manners. When the renowned godfather of rock journalism Jann Wenner gives congratulatory calls to the seven aspiring writers suddenly competing for a year-long contributing editor position at Rolling Stone magazine, one misses his call twice, one asks him to spell his name and another declares he’ll bring condoms with him to New York City.

For this set of “interns,” decorum is out of the picture.

The group is comprised of MTV’s list of usual eccentrics: wonderfully scruffy University of Southern California student Colin; San Francisco hip-hop fanatic and complete hood connoisseur Krishtine (yes that’s spelled correctly); Kate Hudson-in-“Almost Famous”-style hottie Krystal (yes, a blonde with the name Krystal); UC-Berkeley graduate and Aussie party animal Peter; former juvenile hall resident and current head-case Russel; and gender-bending, workaholic Tika.

But despite its eclectic cast, the show features none of the rampant bed-hopping and steamy hot tub m

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