The title Tupac: Resurrection is a bit of a misnomer. For
the past seven years everything heard from Tupac has been
resurrected. This newest addition to his posthumous catalogue
follows as the soundtrack for the first official documentary of his
brief and tumultuous life. Much like his life, the focus of
Tupac’s music was scattershot. His shift between his
self-proclaimed thug life and his often conscious politically
lyrics all helped to create the legend that exists today.

Kate Green

Nowhere is this more apparent than on Tupac:
. The material here is culled from every point of
his career along with a few unreleased tracks that have new
production and lyrics from Eminem. These fresh tracks include the
stand outs “Ghost” and “One Day At A Time”
leading the pack.

The rest of the tracks span from Tupac’s militant Black
Panther phase, to his Digital Underground days and finish up with
material from his first few solo albums. The result is a mishmash
of old songs; some which feel dated. While the lost cuts and
soundtrack singles don’t always flow, any Pac fan
wouldn’t mind to have them all assembled in one place.

Although it’s good to see the production on this project
given such priority, only a sliver of the songs are new and allow
for original production. While the remaining material is quality,
it has a familiar feel that anyone who listened to Tupac at any
point during the ’90s has already heard.

Rating: 3 stars









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