5. ‘The Boondocks’ – Adult Swim’s “The Boondocks” is the most promising animated show since “Family Guy.” It’s had eight people rolling around on my living room floor for two weeks straight now. The ninth guy is a little upset, though, because we wake him up. Check it out even if you have never read the comic strip.

Sarah Royce
(Courtesy of Sony)


4. ‘Match Point’ – Woody Allen has certainly derailed from his signature style with “Match Point,” which is due out next month. Either he’s gotten off drugs or taken some. Something is certainly different, and, in my all-important opinion, better. Scarlett Johansson’s presence doesn’t exactly hurt things either.


3. Not Seeing ‘Harry Potter’ – I’m upset with this new Dumbledore and therefore am boycotting the “Harry Potter” series until they either re-replace the late Richard Harris or rouse him from the dead. Michael Gambon makes Dumbledore seem less like a wise, aging wizard and more like an over-caffeinated basketball coach. What a ham. I’m glad he dies soon.


2. ‘In the Mix’ – Usher has a new movie coming out over Thanksgiving weekend. Apparently he gets involved with a mob boss’s daughter. There are going to be babes and guns and some horrible acting. This movie has a real chance. U-S-H-E-R, someone better get served or I am going to be pissed.


1. Basement Arts – For those of you who may have neglected seeing “Big Love” in the Frieze last weekend, this is what you missed: three screaming girls in lingerie rolling around in tomato shrapnel, mass murder, slow dancing, a cake fight, poignant tear-jerking observations about love and sex in a bathtub. This is one of the best seasons for the Basement in years. The kicker? It’s always free.

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