WASHINGTON (AP) It”s a war of non-words. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle accuses the Bush administration of “Enronizing” the economy raiding retirement and health funds to enrich the affluent.

Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott fired back with his own new verb: “Daschle-ize.”

Daschle, the South Dakota Democrat who uttered “Enronize” last week, faced questions yesterday about whether he had gone too far in comparing Enron”s possibly criminal activity to the administration”s stewardship of the economy and budget. He didn”t back down.

“I don”t want to see happen to all of the country, to our retirees, what happened to employees of the Enron Corporation,” he said on CBS”s “Face the Nation.”

The Enron collapse wiped out the retirement savings of thousands of company employees, as well as investors nationwide.

Lott (R-Miss.) called Daschle”s new word “very inappropriate.”

“When Senator Daschle uses a term like that, I don”t think that”s a good way to start off the year,” Lott said on CBS.

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